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It’s been a while since I’ve written something about this project, with the restrictions Covid brought while being knee deep in editing. I’m now in the incredible position to share details of the premiere and launch event of “What Comes Next?” a documentary campaign film I conceived and directed.

The film has been supported by the Virgin Money Foundation, The National Lottery Community Fund and youth charity The Key, who have given me the platform to realise the change I am passionate about.

For those new to the project, funded through the #iwill Take Action Fund, I have been planning and filming this campaign which focuses on promoting the importance of life skills education in schools. Some of you may know it as PSHE, others might have heard it called general studies, but the fact of the matter remains the same: the topic is crucial to the development of young people.

Young people get their soft skills, sex education, learn about drugs and alcohol awareness and much more from this lesson. This lesson teaches them about politics, mental health awareness and wellbeing, soft skills for the future and just generally how they can become the best them that they can be.

I feel schools are pressured to focus on subjects like Maths and English, and while these are very important, it means that life skills education, the education that readies our young people for the adult world, gets left on the side of the road.

I am thrilled to be able to invite you and everyone you know to the premiere of this documentary, and for you to help play your part in making a change.

A ticket to the launch event is completely free and includes access to a pre and post film Zoom chat, where you will hear from myself and a couple of the young people featured in the film about our thoughts on the subject.

I’m really excited after all this time planning, interviewing, filming and editing, to be sharing the finished article - I can’t wait for you all to see it.

I also encourage young people reading to take a look at our petition here - Make A Change To Life Skills Education! Link opens in a new window - and sign it and have their say!

I hope to see you at the premiere.

Gabriel Brown – Young Changemaker