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Depaul UK was formed 27 years ago by a partnership of London charities brought together by the Newcastle born Archbishop of Westminster, Cardinal Hume, to provide shelter and help to the growing number of young homeless people in Westminster.

Depaul work with homeless people and those at risk of homelessness by offering a safe place to stay in a crisis, helping them to take the step from homelessness into stable housing and providing specialist long-term support to get their lives back on track.

Depaul is now an international charity working in various locations from the USA to Ukraine and, reflecting Hume’s heritage, it has a very strong presence across the North East of England.

Working in South Tyneside since 2009, Depaul has led the development of the South Tyneside Homelessness Consortium and, under this banner, delivers a housing support contract for young people across the borough.

The Foundation has awarded Depaul £39,875 to employ a worker to manage a new community resource in South Shields and to set up and promote a bond scheme which will help homeless young people secure rented accommodation. The new bond scheme, The Bridge Project, will act as a bridge between landlords with properties, the people who need somewhere to live and the local community.

Depaul North East will establish a base where young people can get immediate advice and practical training to maintain a home. The team will also provide coaching to help young people move towards education and employment.

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