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Over the next few weeks we have invited young change maker Gabriel to guest blog regarding the campaign he has set up. Gabriel was funded through Virgin Money Foundation’s #iwill Take Action Fund.

I’m on a mission to highlight the importance of life skills education for young people and make it more prominent in our young lives so that we have the best chance in adult life. Over the past three months I have received an overwhelming response to my survey from young people aged 13 to 19. I collected responses online and in person, visiting schools and youth groups.

The survey revealed that 91% of the young people who responded felt that life skills education was important yet less than 24% said that they had regular lessons like this in school. This shows the lack of importance placed on the life skills education and the opportunity for my project to pave the way and increase the time dedicated to it in school.

82% of young people said life skills education, Personal, Social and Health Education (PHSE) and Character and Citizenship Education (CCE), were important in developing us as young people. So my question is, why don’t they feature more in the curriculum? And more importantly, what can be done so that we leave school with the knowledge and experience we really need in day-to-day life?

I love that other young people I have met during this research have been as passionate about this topic as me and I know that together we can make these changes. So future generations are ready for the world.

“I wish we were taught about the adult life, you know like mortgages, loans and taxes. The kinda [sic] stuff that you have no idea about now, or at least I don’t.”

“Other than basic English, Maths and Science I have had to google a lot of things I think I should have been taught”. Survey respondent.

Gabriel Brown is a 19 year old young filmmaking student from Northumberland creating a campaign film on the importance of PHSE and CCE in school, supported by The Key and funded by the Virgin Money Foundation.

Gabriel Brown

Young Change Maker

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