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Funded Organisations

This page of the website is for funded organisations. It includes information on reporting back to the Foundation and additional support offered.


Additional support

The Foundation will provide a range of additional support to our funded organisations. This allows us to have a greater impact for our money. The support offered will differ for each organisation depending on their needs.

Additional needs:

This is a space for both Virgin Money colleagues and our funded organisations to share skills and opportunities. The Foundation may offer you a mentor or help you to recruit Board members. In addition the charity and community coordinator at Virgin Money can help to organise volunteers for specific events or tasks. Funded organisations may wish to get involved in community events at Virgin Money.

Following an award you will be asked to complete an additional needs form.

Additional Needs


Colleagues from across Virgin Money are available to answer funded organisations questions by email. You may have a question on software updates we can forward to our experts in IT or you may have a question about fixed-term contacts we can forward to HR. Ask your questions at and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

The opinions and views expressed are those of the individual volunteers and are not necessarily those of the Virgin Money Foundation and the content of all discussions and correspondence with any volunteers, be it by phone, email or otherwise do not constitute or replace professional advice (be it legal or otherwise). Those seeking advice should not rely on the information provided in such discussions as a basis for making any business, legal or other decision or for taking any actions or failing to take any such actions and they should seek appropriate independent advice from a competent professional before making any such decisions or taking or deciding not to take any such action.

Meeting Rooms:

Virgin Money offer to host organisations funded by the Foundation at their premises in Gosforth. The rooms range from small meeting rooms to conference and auditorium facilities. Video Conferencing is also available. If you are a funded organisation and you are interested in booking a room please email to discuss further.

Social Enterprise on the Street:

Social enterprise’s with goods to sell can come on to the Street in Virgin Money’s Gosforth office and sell to staff. If you are interested in this opportunity please email to discuss further.

Foundation workshops:

Using the skills and experience of our Virgin Money colleagues the Foundation offers workshops free of charge to our funded organisations. Workshops will cover a range of topics. Those already delivered include Social Media and Online Fundraising and Strive2Thrive which you can read more about here.

For further information on any of the above please email