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Funded Organisations

This page of the website is for funded organisations. It includes information on reporting back to the Foundation and additional support offered.

Reporting to the Foundation

We ask our funded organisations to report back to us at particular stages of an award. We want to assure ourselves that our money has been spent in the way intended but, more importantly, we want to:

  • learn from experience,
  • record and share that learning and progress,
  • check that the work we’re funding is still wanted, needed and effective,
  • identify what hasn’t worked so well and plan for the future,
  • share success.

What do we expect from you?

We aim to make our process as simple and as useful as possible. Our process is described below:

  1. You receive a letter from us offering a grant.
  2. You sign our grant terms and conditions and return your paperwork.
  3. You complete the Monitoring Form. Once we receive all the documents and approve the Monitoring Form, we release the first payment of the grant.
  4. We will request a brief review at regular intervals throughout your grant.
  5. We require a satisfactory progress report from you, usually at the end of each year of the grant. We will not release the next payment until this report is received and agreed. We will send you a reminder a month before your progress report is due with some guidance on what information we would expect to see in the report. We also need to see your annual accounts.
  6. At the end of the final year of the grant, you send us your final evaluation report and accounts.
  7. We may arrange to visit you during the lifetime of the grant. During that visit we may ask to look through your most up to date management accounts. Visits are often the best way of seeing how things are going. Please feel free to invite us if there is a particularly good time for us to come. Full grant terms and conditions are available.