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Ripple Fund

Vision: We want to see vibrant, flourishing and diverse local communities. We believe that change is possible and is most successful when it starts locally. By supporting sustainable regeneration in local communities, we enable activity that has a ripple effect beyond its immediate context, inspires lasting change, strengthens economies and has a positive impact on society as a whole.

The Virgin Money Foundation’s three routes to community regeneration:

Building Community Anchors

Through the Ripple Fund we want to support and help develop community anchors that have strong economic outcomes enabling job creation, enterprise, education and training.

Enabling Inclusion

Communities are at their strongest when they foster inclusion. Poverty, homelessness and social isolation all prevent people from contributing and weaken communities. Through the Ripple Fund we will support projects that are focused on the regeneration of an area, through addressing the root causes of exclusion.

Supporting Social Innovators

We believe in innovators. The need for regeneration in many of our towns and communities across Britain is indisputable. We think many of the solutions have yet to be found. Through the Ripple Fund, we will support a small number of social innovators, connecting them with other key thinkers, provide expertise to assist with business planning and financial strategies.

Shared aims and values that underpin each route:

We believe that it is community members themselves, not us as a funder, who know best what is required to make a real difference and we want to encourage the creativity and energy that is necessary to challenge the status quo, try new models of working and support innovation.

The projects we support will share the following five aims of the Virgin Money Foundation:

  1. Doing whatever it takes to make a lasting difference where it’s needed most
  2. Showing the value of working with others that have complementary skills
  3. Being prepared to challenge consensus, where necessary
  4. Magnify their impact by inspiring others and by sharing their own skills, contacts and experience
  5. Prefer action over talk when it comes to real and lasting action on deprivation.

Each year, we aim to deploy up to £1 million through the Ripple Fund, split between a very small number of projects that will make the biggest difference to their community and achieve lasting change. Our intention is to survey a broad range of organisations working to regenerate local communities and to draw from these those that are the closest fit to the Foundation’s ambitions generally and for the Ripple Fund specifically.

Accordingly, for the time being, applications are by invitation only and the Foundation is highly unlikely to accept an unsolicited application; however, if you have a piece of work you would like us to learn more about you can email us at

If you do plan to email us, please include as much detail as you can, including the names of other organisations that are likely to be involved in making your project a success, other areas of (non-financial) support that would make a difference to the success of your project, the reasons why you are confident that there will be secondary benefits (a ripple effect) if the Foundation were to support your project and finally, how you might, in turn, support the Foundation’s wider community of interest if we're to support your project.

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