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The Community Anchors' Fund

The Community Anchors’ Fund has reopened

The Virgin Money Foundation believes everyone has the right to live in a vibrant and diverse environment and we want to support local organisations that are the bedrock of the community. For this reason, we launched the Community Anchors' Fund in May 2019 across the North East of England.

During the pandemic these organisations have been at the heart of the local response, leading the way in ensuring that vulnerable people received essential supplies of food, medicines, digital connectivity and most importantly human contact.

Do you work for a Community Anchor?

Is your organisation locally-led, committed to supporting your local community at these most challenging times? Does it act like an anchor - there for the long-term, trying to provide stability and constantly adapting to the rapidly changing circumstances? Do you work in partnership with other agencies and groups?

Community Anchor organisations come in different forms but the type of organisation is less important than the methods it uses. It’s often the driving force in a neighbourhood, the facilitator of community activity and the way for local people of all ages to get involved in shaping their shared future.

The relaunched Community Anchors' Fund will provide grants of between £10,000 and £30,000 to organisations in the North East of England. The funds can be used to cover core costs, to continue to pay for existing work or to design and launch a new activity. The award can be spread over one, two or three years.

In addition to grant funding we are also offering all grant recipients a Locality membership.

Is that your organisation?

Applications will be assessed as part of a rolling grants programme. When all of the funding has been allocated, the programme will close. We recommend you apply as soon as possible.

We want to spend our money in the communities that need it most. So we use the UK Government index and target communities based in the top 20%.

We would particularly like to encourage applications from organisations working in Middlesbrough, Stockton and Darlington.

What isn't eligible?

Anything that isn't defined as charitable by law.

International appeals.

Sponsorship or marketing.

Projects looking to raise money that’s already been spent.

Services that central or local government would normally pay for.

Appeals that only benefit one person.

Animal welfare. We love animals but the Foundation’s all about people.

The day-to-day costs of schools and other educational establishments.

Medical treatment or research. This includes hospices and medical centres.

The promotion of religious, political or advocacy-based groups.

The costs of overseas travel. For example, minibuses, holidays and outings.

Ready to apply?

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